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CARPENTRY: Need some carpentry work done? We handle all types of carpentry from frame to finish. Rest assured, we will get your job done on time, on spec and within budget. With 30 plus years of experience to draw upon, we're confident that you will be well satisfied with our quality work.

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HVAC: Have an air conditioning, heating or ventilation project? Whether it's new construction, a renovation or just simply a maintenance job, we have experienced technicians that will install, replace or repair your equipment.

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PLUMBING: Need some plumbing work done? We can tackle any plumbing project you might have from new construction, remodelling and renovation to repair of broken and leaking pipes. No matter what your needs, you can trust the licensed and insured professionals at Roberts Carpentry to get your job done right!

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ELECTRICAL: Need some electrical work done? Whether you need a service upgrade, a new lighting system, breaker replacement or just some simple wiring repairs, we do it all. Whatever your needs may be, Roberts Carpentry has the licensed electrical professionals to handle the job quickly and efficiently.

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HANDYMAN WORK: We do it all big or small. We will be your ultimate handyman. Tell us what you would like and we'll get it done. There's nothing we can't handle.

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